General Mechanical Engineering Shop Safety

• Be mindful of your safety and the safety of those around you

Personal Safety

• SAFETY GLASSES at all times!

• No open toed shoes or slipper type shoes (entire foot must be covered)

• No jewelry: rings, bracelets, hanging necklaces, or dangling earrings

• Long hair and long beards must be tied up

• No loose or hanging clothing, such as ties from hooded sweatshirts or loose long sleeves

• No gloves while machining

• Use brushes, hooks, vacuums, or other tools to remove chips and shavings. Never use hands

Common Sense Clause

• Do not rush. Stop, think, & check before you start 

• Do not distract others while they are operating a machine and do not let others distract you


• If you have never worked on the machine please let an instructor know.

• If it’s making lots of noise STOP and ask for help.

• Do not remove, displace or damage a machine guard, or modify equipment

• Do not leave machines running unattended

• Always make sure that a machine has completely stopped before placing your hands or fingers in the work area. (do not stop rotating components with your hand)

• Only one person operating any piece of machinery

• Make sure you properly secure your work piece DO NOT HAND HOLD

• Chuck key rule – If your hand comes off the chuck key it must be out of the chuck – Never leave a chuck key in the chuck at anytime!

• Read all labels around the shop and on machines.


Violation of any of these rules could be result in the loss of shop use privileges